Friday, November 28, 2008

A Dream of Three Snakes

Previously, I've said that I don't dream when I sleep. Or rather, I hardly ever remembered them when I woke up. Which probably means that I had a deep sleep.

But lately I've been having restless nights which resulted in my body aching when I woke up in the morning or even headaches. I even could remember dreaming though I don't always remember what I dreamt about.

I had a weird dream a few nights ago and it was quite vivid. Since this is a rather rare case, I decided to write it down.

The dream centered around snakes.

I came home holding 3 cages which hold a snake in each. One is petite in size (small and rather short) but it glitters and sparkles as if it's covered in sequins. One is thin and of medium lenght, with orange and black stripes pattern. And one is big like a baby phyton, with the normal greenish brown skin pattern.

I couldn't recall why I bought them, but it couldn't be because I like them (because I'm quite petrified with snakes). But in that dream, I wasn't really scared.

The small glittery snake was rather snobbish or fierce. I picked it out of ts cage and it wiggled and writhed until it finally escaped from my hand and immeadiately disappeared. I tried to look for it but it had run away. I was scared that it went to the neighbor's house.

I remember that there was someone else there who was with me, but I couldn't really remember who.

Then the orange snake was suddenly out of its cage (I don't know how, don't ask). It was rather evil and I felt like it wanted to attack us. But just as it was slithering closer to us and got into an attacking/defencing position, suddenly the big snake came to our rescue.

It devoured the orange snake in one gulp.

I woke up not long after that. In my drowsiness I tried to grasp at what I just saw in my dream, trying to make sense out of it. But as many dreams are, it was bizzare and absurd.

I still don't know if it means anything though my colleague, Varin, is very certain that it does. She said the snakes must be representing a person or a situation (she even googled it down for me).

Anyone here could dechiper the meaning of dreams? Do let me know. =)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Games That People Play Nowadays: Sleazy

Is it just me or are television game shows have really lost the real meaning of being fun and entertaining?

After people lined up to prove to millions of viewers that, no, they're (mostly) not smarter than a fifth grader, now they're lining up to prove themselves as heartless cold bitches/jerks.

When I first saw the teaser of the latest controversial game show, The Moment of Truth, I flinched at the thought of people who's willing to do just about anything for money (and/or fame), even though it requires them to spill every gory and embarrassing details about their lives (and their loved ones). Stupid and proven to be destructive.

What's more stupid is that many people are actually buying it and enjoying it. As to why people enjoy seeing some people ruining their own lives -- and others' -- I'm kind of lost (and so are they). I mean, where's the fun part? Perhaps to those who enjoy it, it delivers a relief or joy (sort of) to know that there are people out there that are as bad as they are, or maybe worse.

I figured this is like a new version of sleazy gossip show with a twist. What better way to make you the talk of the town? Just spill the juice! The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -- the ugly ones, of course.

"Yes, I cheated and have slept with 8 men during my marriage."

"No, I don't think my father is a good man."

"Yes, I'm a married personal trainer who likes to look at other men's privates in the locker room."


Please, some skeletons are meant to be hidden in the cupboard, out of public gaze. Too much information is not cool.

Seriously, I'd rather see people racing down the supermarket aisles, grabbing cartons of milk and stacking turkeys into their trolley. I'd much fancy seeing two families battling to name the most popular responses to a survey-type question. I'd much prefer seeing people competing against each other to solve a word puzzle, with an amount of money determined by a giant wheel. or even people guessing a phrase or title that one teammate was drawing on a large pad of paper with markers.

Supermarket Sweep, Family Feud, Wheel Of Fortune, and Win, Lose Or Draw are the kind of games I would see again and again (too bad Supermarket Sweep's not airing anymore). Locally, I wouldn't mind seeing Cathy Bon (from Kuis Keluarga Lifebuoy), Siapa Dia, and Berpacu Dalam Melodi again.

But I suppose these sleazy game shows are still better than local sinetrons. Bah.