Friday, September 29, 2006

You're Just

But you're just like the wind
Just blowing every now and then
with its presence felt
yet unseen

But you're just like the shadow
Just following around, lingering
with its presence seen
yet unfelt

Thursday, September 7, 2006

It Has Yet to Begun

There once lived a lady. A young lady full of questions -- in her mind and her heart.

She lives in a cage, a humble but beautiful cage. Showered with love and protected from the cruel world, though not entirely an outcast from the outer world. She had experienced happiness and a great deal of pain in her younger years, and had learnt a lot from it. All those experiences, bad and good, sculpted her into the person she is now.

And of course as the years gone by, as the world turns and changes, so does her. Always changing, always a work in progress.

Full of curiosity she is, but at most times she's just afraid to take risks. And all because of fear. Fear of failing, fear of getting hurt, fear of being humiliated, fear of being crushed.

Humble and down-to-earth she is, but she does have a great pride. And it's one of the thing that often stops her from leaping forward to take chances. Aside from thinking too much and always questioning about things, about life in general.

Bright and bubbly she is from the outside, but deep down she's a shy, reserved, and (sometimes) too sensitive person.

Now the young lady has just embarked on a journey in search of the missing link, the missing piece in her life that would complete her. In search of the answers to her questions. Just going where the wind blows. But at times she likes to take control, reading signs and directions, and deciding her direction. Though she's not really sure where she's heading...

Sometimes she came across an intersection, not knowing which to take. Sometimes she came across a broken bridge, one that she must fix before crossing. Sometimes she came to a dead end, forcing her to go back down the road to where she begun.

Sometimes she feels so tired and wanted to stop but she kept on going forward. Sometimes she feels so tired and drained, and stopped for a while to rest.

She's taking one step at a time, one leap at a time. Trying to discover a bigger world. A world full of colors and wonders, of tears and laughter, of opportunities and loss, of pain and pleasure, of evil and kindness.

The journey just begun.. who knows when and where it would end? =)