Wednesday, October 24, 2007

[Daily Sutra]: Nature Knows Best

Nature Knows Best
See how many desires you have had, and how many desires were not fulfilled, and how many desires you feel that way: when it was not fulfilled, it was good, "It was best for me." Don't you see this? Some desires which were not fulfilled, it was good for you. So, Nature knows what is best for you ...

So maybe it is best that you walked away. And I accepted that, with time.
But now you're back. And I couldn't ignore it when you came knocking once again.
Though you will only be here for a brief moment, before you finally walk away again.
That is something I am very much aware of. That is the risk I am taking myself into.
And one day I would see you not again. One day I would miss you yet again.
One day you will turn your back on me. And there will be no coming back for you, nor me..
Not again.. Not ever..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

8 (Random) Facts and/or Habits About Moi

Yeah, I've been tagged (thanks to Vilia).. huhuw.. ;P
It is my 1st day back in the office and we (the team) are still in holiday mood, at least until tomorrow I suppose. I, ahem.., I mean we are not doing anything serious (read: work) other than engaging ourselves in front of the computer, sending gifts, iDescribe-ing, or poking friends on facebook.. hahahah.. such is the perfect working environment.. (yeah right, Marge.. you wish!) ;)

And as some of you have probably noticed, I haven't posted anything for a while now (more than a month). Ever since I started work, I was so tied down with my tasks and activities that I didn't really have enough energy (or will, for that matter..) to write. Not that I don't have the time, really, but most of the times I'm just too lazy to think. Writing, for me, requires a lot of thinking too -- even though it's just my daily routines or activities I'm writing about.. One could say I went brain-numb (can't really say it as writer's block as I'm not a writer -- yet).. =P

So this little game is probably a good start. Hopefully after this I'll be able to post (more) frequently on my blog.. It's been so dead lately.. hahah.. ^^'