Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Sky God

Midnight prayers to Thien Kung (Sky God, he's like the Zeus of Chinese gods), a tradition every night before Chinese new year that my mom always follows. 

The altar would face different direction every year (not too sure how they decide on it). This year, it's to the west. 

Naturally, we pray for health and prosperity, and to ward off bad luck. The offerings are usually tea, chinese wine, fresh fruits (pineapple, jeruk bali, srikaya), kue keranjang (sticky cake made from glutinous rice flour and palm sugar), kue mangkok (steamed cake made from rice flour), and sweets, with "money" on the side to be burned later.

"You pray?" People asked. But to me, this is a tradition more than a belief. A tradition that would probably be diminished when my mom's gone. So I follow it whenever I can, because I will miss this colorful ritual when it's gone--just as much as I would miss my mom.

Gong xi fa chai, everyone. May the new year brings forth an abundance of luck, joy, and love.