Thursday, November 9, 2006

Men and Shoes

A friend of mine once said that men are just like shoes.

He (yes ladies & gentlemen, HE) said that if they don’t fit, then just ditch them and try on another pair.

If only it’s really that simple…

What if one day you set out to find that perfect pair. You browsed and you searched high and low, until you finally found one that’s just oh-so-perfect.

Problem is, they’re ‘out of reach’.

You were only made for such levels like Charles & Keith, but your ‘perfect’ pair is a Manolo.. You tried to forget it and look for another pair that’s more of your level, but you just can’t seem to find one that’s the same (or even close) to the Manolos.

Then what?

Should you just give it up? Just move on, compromise with yourself, and settle for another pair that you don’t really feel for. Or should you keep on trying to get that dreamy perfect pair, eventhough it means lots of sacrifice and hard work?

Yes, it’s never that simple, at least not for me (and for many other ladies out there, I’m sure!). Be it men or shoes, they’re sometimes just the same. More or less.

P.S. : Okay, this piece may sound silly, weird, & a bit Sex And The City-ish, but I’m just trying to make a simple comparison that’s easy to understand.. especially for women =P