Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's my second day back on my seat, in the office, and I'm still feeling a bit worn out and beaten from last week's fashion week mambo jambo. And getting my period just at the start of this week didn't help me get right back on track either (I went back early from work yesterday to lay down and rest, and ended up doing a DVD marathon until midnight).

To think that this week we'll start running for our October issue, which should be wrapped a week earlier than usual due to Hari Raya holiday schedule. Seems like there'll be no time to slow down this coming few weeks.

But still..

All I want to do now (and doing, actually) is just browsing the net, checking facebook and such. Clicking from one site to another in search of interesting and/or mind-boggling news, like the ones below:

Japanese Design's Greatest Hits
Twelve of Japan's phenomenally successfully designs since the 1950s. I feel like doing a Hayao Miyazaki DVD marathon now. And now I'm playing Super Mario Bros's theme song in my head.

Vogue's cover archive
Featuring the first ever Vogue magazine (September 1916) with illustration by Helen Thurlow. Check out their 90th anniversary cover too.

Style on the Street
The Jakarta Post's take on uber cool street style blog of Scott Schuman, I was first introduced to the blog by fellow multiplier, Nirmala, a few months back when she posted a picture of this ultra cool Yale dude who soon became the object of our affection (and drooling) -- and of many other women (and men) around the world, I assume.

Making an Arguement for Misspelling
A growing band of scholars in America is thinking of allowing more variations in spelling. I personally don't really agree. Though I know that spelling could sometimes be tough, but (quoting the article) I don't think that the language should be changed to accommodate those who don't pay attention or don't care about it (spelling).
By the way, which one is correct, eventhough or even though? I always thought it was the first (as the way I read it in most books or magazines), but spell-checkers have proven me wrong. Anyone in favor of enlightening me? Thank you.

Inside Soho's Artisanal-Ice-Cream Truck
A cute nerdy guy with a brain on food and business. Enough said.

Beijing Opens the 2008 Olympics

I missed the spectacular opening (which was aired on TVRI here). And finding footage videos of it on the internet is like finding a needle in a stack of hay. Darn it. Thanks to The Great (Fire)Wall of China. If only I knew earlier that Zhang Yimou was behind the show, I would've stayed put in front of the TV that night. Sniff.. This photo footage from Time could give me a slight idea of what it was like.

Apoth├ęke Will Bring Opium Back to Chinatown

A soon-to-be opened and supposedly very stylish and hip cocktail bar in New York has a list of very (and I mean very) interesting cocktails inspired by Chinese traditional herbal medicine. It'll probably be the new Asian-inspired trend after the sake inspired cocktails a few years back.

Silver Spoon
Samuel Mulia's piece-of-mind on Indonesia's brand-conscious rich spoilt children. Which then reminded me of a note written by a friend of mine, who just became a daddy recently and was a bit baffled by how expensive babies clothing and stuffs are nowadays, even though daddy groovy owns a handful of ultra expensive watches.

Now if only I'm not doing this in the office but in Casa or Bakoel Koffie instead, with some warm bagels (or pretzels from Vineth bakery) and good cup of coffee on the side, life today would be blissful. But then again, I've to go back to reality (and my waiting-to-be-touched work) in.. uhm.. let me check.. a few minutes. Bah.

So how's your day?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

[Coelho's] Why Women Believe That We Love Them

This is the reply to Why We Love Men.

Frankly, I couldn't agree with most. This piece didn't make me smile like when I read the previous one about men (except for that last line from Paulo). Is it because I'm not that womanly? Hahahah...

But anyway, I've highlighted a few points that I could quite relate to as a woman (but only personally).

What do you think, people? Which ones could you relate to the most? Would love to hear some thoughts from both men and women. =)