Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Latte Wisdom #2

When you were 17 and you listened to a cheesy love song, you'd sigh and think, "Oh, how sweet! I want a love like that." Fast forward to 30 and you'd probably think, "What the eff is this guy rambling about?"

If I ever got married, my wedding song would be Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013: A Late Hello

I'm not am avid believer of "Starting Fresh on New Year" or "The New Year Brings Forth a New Chapter" or all those other familiar jargons you often see or hear come new year's eve. Life goes on anyway, whether you want to move forward or not, and everyday is a new day. You can start fresh anytime, so why wait 'til January 1st?

Positivity is also not written on my book nowadays. I'm as skeptical and cynical as a grumpy old lady who always complained about her neighbour. I always say that I'm a realistic person, but who are we kidding here? I am a dreamer just like many people out there. And if a dream of a perfect life (or love) is ridiculously impossible, then let's just dream of exploring and discovering. It is easier and more viable.

"The #resolution is to travel more. Years may change, but this never changed."

That was one of the things I wrote on my Path, shortly after we entered the new year. This may not be a real resolution, this could be just a wish that I've harboured all my life, ever since I learnt about the power of dreaming, the rush of exploring, and the satisfaction of discovering.  

So, in 2013, let's go places. Alone or with company, it doesn't matter--I will go places.