Thursday, March 22, 2007

Too Close

I have been tricked by flying too close
to what I thought I loved.

Now the candleflame is out, the wine spilled,
and the lovers have withdrawn
somewhere beyond my squinting.

The amount I thought I'd won, I've lost.
My prayers becomes bitter and all about blindness.

How wonderful it was to be for a while
with those who surrender.

Others only turn their faces on way,
then another, like pigeon in flight.

I have known pigeons who fly in a nowhere,
and birds that eat grainlessness,

and tailor who sew beautiful clothes
by tearing them to pieces.

- Rumi -

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Advice of The Day: Commitment

Gals, here's a good piece of advice for the day :

If you want commitment, get a dog. It's the closest thing you can get to it. Why?

Here's just a few reasons :

1. They're cute!
2. They're definitely LOYAL. Can't argue with that!
3. If you love them, they'll love you back - it's as simple as that.
4. They won't freak out & runaway. (Hellooo, caling out all commitment-freaks?!)
5. They won't, or can't, dump you.
6. They won't disappear into thin air & pretend you don't exist anymore.
7. They won't take you for granted.
8. They will never get bored of you.

Need anymore reasons?

p.s.: posted esp. for Mr. Shanghai PIMP =P
Thx for the endless insomniac chats about life and love (in general) *LOL*

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Horizon

I'm seeing this beauty on front of me
The beauty of Mother Nature

Weariness swept through my heart
As the wave rolled and broke into the sand

Serenity enveloped my soul
But it brought with it numbing emptiness

For I am sharing this wonder
With none but my own shadow

And I could not help but wish
Wishing for nothing but for you to be here

Side by side, soul to soul
But you're not here...

And between you and I
We were only separated by this vast horizon...