Friday, November 28, 2008

A Dream of Three Snakes

Previously, I've said that I don't dream when I sleep. Or rather, I hardly ever remembered them when I woke up. Which probably means that I had a deep sleep.

But lately I've been having restless nights which resulted in my body aching when I woke up in the morning or even headaches. I even could remember dreaming though I don't always remember what I dreamt about.

I had a weird dream a few nights ago and it was quite vivid. Since this is a rather rare case, I decided to write it down.

The dream centered around snakes.

I came home holding 3 cages which hold a snake in each. One is petite in size (small and rather short) but it glitters and sparkles as if it's covered in sequins. One is thin and of medium lenght, with orange and black stripes pattern. And one is big like a baby phyton, with the normal greenish brown skin pattern.

I couldn't recall why I bought them, but it couldn't be because I like them (because I'm quite petrified with snakes). But in that dream, I wasn't really scared.

The small glittery snake was rather snobbish or fierce. I picked it out of ts cage and it wiggled and writhed until it finally escaped from my hand and immeadiately disappeared. I tried to look for it but it had run away. I was scared that it went to the neighbor's house.

I remember that there was someone else there who was with me, but I couldn't really remember who.

Then the orange snake was suddenly out of its cage (I don't know how, don't ask). It was rather evil and I felt like it wanted to attack us. But just as it was slithering closer to us and got into an attacking/defencing position, suddenly the big snake came to our rescue.

It devoured the orange snake in one gulp.

I woke up not long after that. In my drowsiness I tried to grasp at what I just saw in my dream, trying to make sense out of it. But as many dreams are, it was bizzare and absurd.

I still don't know if it means anything though my colleague, Varin, is very certain that it does. She said the snakes must be representing a person or a situation (she even googled it down for me).

Anyone here could dechiper the meaning of dreams? Do let me know. =)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Games That People Play Nowadays: Sleazy

Is it just me or are television game shows have really lost the real meaning of being fun and entertaining?

After people lined up to prove to millions of viewers that, no, they're (mostly) not smarter than a fifth grader, now they're lining up to prove themselves as heartless cold bitches/jerks.

When I first saw the teaser of the latest controversial game show, The Moment of Truth, I flinched at the thought of people who's willing to do just about anything for money (and/or fame), even though it requires them to spill every gory and embarrassing details about their lives (and their loved ones). Stupid and proven to be destructive.

What's more stupid is that many people are actually buying it and enjoying it. As to why people enjoy seeing some people ruining their own lives -- and others' -- I'm kind of lost (and so are they). I mean, where's the fun part? Perhaps to those who enjoy it, it delivers a relief or joy (sort of) to know that there are people out there that are as bad as they are, or maybe worse.

I figured this is like a new version of sleazy gossip show with a twist. What better way to make you the talk of the town? Just spill the juice! The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -- the ugly ones, of course.

"Yes, I cheated and have slept with 8 men during my marriage."

"No, I don't think my father is a good man."

"Yes, I'm a married personal trainer who likes to look at other men's privates in the locker room."


Please, some skeletons are meant to be hidden in the cupboard, out of public gaze. Too much information is not cool.

Seriously, I'd rather see people racing down the supermarket aisles, grabbing cartons of milk and stacking turkeys into their trolley. I'd much fancy seeing two families battling to name the most popular responses to a survey-type question. I'd much prefer seeing people competing against each other to solve a word puzzle, with an amount of money determined by a giant wheel. or even people guessing a phrase or title that one teammate was drawing on a large pad of paper with markers.

Supermarket Sweep, Family Feud, Wheel Of Fortune, and Win, Lose Or Draw are the kind of games I would see again and again (too bad Supermarket Sweep's not airing anymore). Locally, I wouldn't mind seeing Cathy Bon (from Kuis Keluarga Lifebuoy), Siapa Dia, and Berpacu Dalam Melodi again.

But I suppose these sleazy game shows are still better than local sinetrons. Bah.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Search of The Perfect...

Ever since I've stumbled upon Ms. Joycelyn's amazingly beautiful (and scrumptious) foodblog, Kuidaore, just a few days ago, I found myself to be immensely absorbed in her impeccable writings and highly art-directed tantalizing pictures. I also found out later that she's not just good with desserts but also very good with other meals too (like hosting a multi-course dinner party) -- she's an object of admiration and jealousy to me. 

I kept on reading and every post seemed to be very inspiring if not encouraging me to pursue my now-forgotten passion for cooking and (especially) baking. 

After too much ohh-ing and ahh-ing over her over the top cooking (and art) skills -- if you look at her creations, such as like these christmas joys, these snowflake cookies, these Marie Antoinette-sque cakes, and these super girlie sweets, I believe you'll react the same (and to think that she's entirely self-taught makes me even giddier) -- I stumbled upon one post last night that made me have a sudden huge craving.

A craving for that sweet fluffy French bread called brioche.

Back when I was still in college, I used to skip classes and hang out at Mal Taman Anggrek with my friends. There were no Starbucks or Coffee Bean yet but we were happy enough to settle at a small and rather secluded place located on the top floor called La Brioche Dorée, which turns out to be an ubiquitous patisserie franchise from France. I remember sitting there for hours just playing cards and talking. I would sometimes buy some pastries to bring back home because they discounted the price after 8 p.m. 

I loved almost everything they serve here. They make the best grilled panini sandwiches (my favorite was cheese or cheese-tomato), I've never met one that's quite a match to theirs up to this day. My sister loved the large creamy mushroom quiche. My mom loves to savour their mini croissants and tarts. 

The brioche itself, of course, is no short of wonders. They made it in a few shapes, from the mini ones, giant ones, and loaf shaped ones, with flavors ranging from plain/original, to chocolate, cheese, and strawberry jam.

Sadly, business wasn't very good for them so they closed down a few years later. I blamed it largely to the arrivals of Starbucks and Coffee Bean, which were more sought after by people here. So there goes my only source of great panini sandwiches and brioches. Shucks. 

Same thing happened to Pain de France, my only reliable source for wonderful (and affordable) bagels, shortly after. When I think about it, I cant help but feel a bit remorseful to Starbucks, especially when I saw them selling bagels for more than twice the price of the ones at Pain de France. Nowadays, I get my bagel fix at Bakoel Koffie, with a price just below Starbucks's. Still pale in comparison to Pain de France's. Again, shucks.

Anyway, back to brioche. While still working in a garment company a few years back, I was quite a regular at Daily Bread which was located a few floors below my office in Kuningan. There, I finally got reintroduced to brioche again. They make good ones, I especially love the whole wheat brioche. It's been a while since I visited Daily Bread, I wonder if they still have brioche in their menu -- I hope so.

So, anyone here knows a good place (in Jakarta) to satisfy my cravings for perfectly good brioche (and bagel)? Comments and suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Proust Questionnaire

Again, another questionnaire. I got this from my dear neighbor Resti, whom I assume has been reading way too much Vanity Fair*. Heheheheh... ;)

Anyway, thanks for tagging me, dear. This one should take a while to answer. So here goes...

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
To die alone -- being alone and unloved for the rest of your life.

Where would you like to live?
Somewhere over the rainbow with my loved ones.

What is your idea of earthly happiness?
To be able to travel the world with loved ones. See what the world has to offer and what it's made of. To eat, drink, and be merry with no worries.

To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
To idle around or to lollygag when I should've been doing my work or something useful/productive.

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Santiago of The Alchemist.

Who are your favorite characters in history?
Hmm.. I should say Marie Antoinette. Her tragedy is somewhat amusing.

Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
My mom.

Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?

Your favorite painter?
Nyoman Gunarsa and Alphonse Mucha.

Your favorite musician?
Hmm.. I've one too many. Some are: John Lennon, Babyface, John Legend, Carole King, Chrisye, and many more.

The quality you most admire in a man?
Honesty, loyalty, softness, and sensitivity. And brain.

The quality you most admire in a woman?
Honesty, loyalty, feminine strength and charm. And brain.

Your favorite virtue?
Integrity and honesty.

Your favorite occupation?
Sleeping and eating while traveling.

Who would you have liked to be?
The main characters of romantic comedies, 'cos they always end up happy.

Your most marked characteristic?

The quality you most like in a man?
Integrity and open-mindedness.

The quality you most like in a woman?
Integrity and feminine strength.

What do you most value in your friends?
Honesty and the ability to stand by me through thick and thin.

What is your principle defect?
Laziness and the tendency to give up too easily when faced with hard obstacles.

What is your dream of happiness?
To finally be accomplished and content with my life.

What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
To have no true friends nor family.

What would you like to be?
An accomplished and content person.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite flower?
Roses, esp. the white or purple ones.

What is your favorite bird?
Canary and Robin.

Who are your favorite prose writers?
Paulo Coelho.

Who are your favorite poets?
Couldn't think of any now.

Who are your favorite composers?

Who are your heroes in real life?
My partner.

Who are your favorite heroines of history?
Marie Curie.

What are your favorite names?
Aurora, Alexandra, Alexander, Dimitri.

What is it you most dislike?
Pompous ignorant bastards.

What historical figures do you most despise?
The one that made our country what it is today, full of deceit and corruption.

What event in military history do you most admire?
Frankly, I couldn't care less.

What reform do you most admire?
When women can wear pants. Long live Coco Chanel and YSL.

What natural gift would you most like to possess?
Empathy, sympathy, patience. 

How would you like to die?
Fulfilled and loved.

What is your present state of mind?
Grey and cloudy...

What is your motto?
Sadness is another word for not enough coffee.. and wine.

*) Since July 1993, the back page of Vanity Fair has been devoted to the Proust Questionnaire, in which a noteworthy person answers a series of personal questions. The questionnaire has its origins in a parlor game popularized (though not devised) by Marcel Proust (1871–1922), the French essayist and novelist, who believed that, in answering these questions, an individual reveals his or her true nature.

Kamu Tag Aku Tag Dia Tag Siapa?

Di tengah-tengah deadline edan minggu ini, tiba-tiba kena tag sama miss Adis. Ya berhubung sekarang sudah weekend dan sudah selesai deraannya, jadi disempatkan nulis deh. Sebenernya sih dulu banget dah pernah nulis soal fakta-fakta seputar Indonesia, eh seputar diri, tapi ya demi mengisi waktu luang dan bikin hati senang, dilakukan lagi deh.

10 Hal (Positif dan Negatif, Normal dan Aneh) Tentang Saya

1. Seperti yang sudah diketahui oleh keluarga, teman-teman dekat, dan teman-teman kantor, saya ini orangnya sangat hobi makan dan ngemil, bahkan agak keterlaluan hobinya. Sampai-sampai di meja saya ada satu laci khusus isi cemilan (tapi saya tidak buka warung dan jualan seperti Mas Heru ya). Isinya mulai dari minuman-minuman seperti kopi (saya maniak kopi) dan teh sampai biskuit-biskuit dan coklat. Mau gula juga ada, tapi gula diet Splenda. Mau merica pun ada, hasil 'nyolong' dari KFC. Gara-gara hobi ini juga saya suka dianggap sebagai direktori tempat makan se-Jakarta, teman-teman saya suka bertanya pada saya di mana tempat makan yang enak dan asik.

2. Saya paling tidak tahan kalau lihat sale pakaian dalam/lingerie (selain tentunya juga sale sepatu, baju, buku, dan lain-lain -- ya, saya memang banci belanja seperti kebanyakan perempuan pada umumnya). Kalau mampir ke toko lingerie favorit dan sedang sale, pasti pengen beli ini-itu banyak sekali, dari yang modelnya standard sampai yang agak centil. Menurut saya pakai lingerie yang cantik itu bisa bikin tambah pede dan menarik (ya biarpun nggak kelihatan juga sih). It's a confidence booster lah pokoknya.

3. Belakangan ini saya suka mandi malam pakai sabun Johnson&Johnson's Bedtime Bath yang katanya bisa membantu bayi tidur lebih nyenyak. Efek atau tidak, saya juga masih belum terlalu yakin, tapi saya memang nyenyak tidurnya dan biasanya di pagi hari saya sulit sekali bangun. Entah karena kemanjuran si sabun atau memang sayanya saja yang kebo. Mungkin kombinasi (maut) dari keduanya.

4. Masih berhubungan dengan tidur, saya ini hampir tidak pernah mimpi. Jarang sekali. Kalaupun iya, saya selalu tidak ingat apa isi mimpi saya. Kecuali mimpi terjatuh yang selalu sukses bikin saya terbangun karena kaget (saya punya fobia terhadap ketinggian/acrophobic). Tapi ya itu, mimpi indah atau buruk, keduanya jarang saya alami. Kadang-kadang saya ingin juga bisa punya mimpi indah seperti terbang dan berlari-lari di taman penuh pelangi sambil makan gulali awan -- menyenangkan sekali sepertinya.

5. Saya ini maniak segala macam kuis dan permainan. Waktu masa SMU sampai kuliah dulu saya selalu main online quiz tiap malam dari Saya ingat kuis pertama yang saya ambil waktu itu adalah kuis 'What Breed Of Dog Are You?' Saya lupa hasilnya apa tapi sejak saat itu saya rajin mengikuti ratusan kuis yang tersedia di situs itu (yang berani ketagihan, silahkan coba di-klik). Saya pernah juga keranjingan TTS. Saya selalu mengisi TTS yang ada di koran Suara Pembaruan tiap sore. Yang menyebalkan, ayah saya malah jadi latah melihat keasyikan saya dan akhirnya ikut-ikutan mengisi TTS itu. Alhasil saya jadi sebal karena suka didului. Huh. Kesukaan terakhir saya adalah main Sudoku. Berawal dari rasa penasaran, akhirnya saya membeli sebuah buku Sudoku di Periplus (level pemula) dan jadi ketagihan. Tapi setelah lebih dari setengah buku saya isi, saya mulai bosan. Entah di mana buku itu sekarang. 

6. Selepas lulus kuliah tahun 2005 kemarin, saya sempat menganggur lama (hampir setahun). Saya memang pemalas, penunda, atau apa lah itu. Kegiatan saya hampir setiap hari hanya duduk-duduk di Coffee Bean Mal Taman Anggrek sambil membaca, browsing internet untuk mencari pekerjaan, atau menulis. Kadang-kadang saya akan pindah ke Starbucks kalau sedang bosan. Saking seringnya saya nongkrong di sana, para barista (Coffee Bean) sampai hafal wajah, nama, dan minuman kesukaan saya (iced skinny cappucinno). Beberapa di antara mereka bahkan masih ingat sama saya sekarang, walaupun ada yang sudah dipindah ke cabang Plaza Senayan atau pindah ke perusahaan lain seperti JCo. 

7. Biarpun terlihat kaku, dingin, galak, dan jutek, saya ini sebenarnya gampang terharu dan menangis lho. Nonton film bisa nangis. Lihat berita bisa nangis. Baca buku bisa nangis. Baca komik bisa nangis. Bahkan, kalau mood-nya lagi tepat, dengar lagu pun bisa nangis (tergantung lagunya apa sih). Terakhir nonton Wall-E, saya menangis di akhir dan berkaca-kaca saat awal cerita.

8. Saya punya banyak kebiasaan aneh kalau lagi makan. Misalnya, saya tidak suka makan kuning telur, apalagi yang direbus. Bukan, ini tidak ada hubungannya sama takut kolesterol atau gendut (ya ada sih sedikit, sejak saya tahu betapa 'jahatnya' kuning telur itu), tapi memang pada dasarnya saya tidak suka sejak kecil. Dulu saya (dan kakak saya yang juga nggak suka kuning telur) suka dimarahi ibu kalau enggan makan kuning telur, katanya itu berarti kami tidak sayang ayah kami. Hmm.. Oh well.. Kalau melihat keadaan keluarga saya sekarang sih, rasanya tidak ada hubungannya sama sekali tuh sama keengganan kami makan kuning telur. Keanehan lain adalah kesukaan saya makan roti tawar, tapi hanya kulitnya saja. Ya begitulah, saya suka membeli sebungkus roti tawar (terutama yang gandum) untuk kemudian saya makan kulitnya saja, tengahnya entah saya buang atau saya berikan kepada yang mau menerima, walaupun kadang-kadang dimakan juga sih. Ya tepatnya, kalau kata orang-orang, saya ini suka membuang-buang makanan.

9. Saya ini orang yang agak 'gagu'. Dalam artian, saya susah mengeluarkan segala uneg-uneg, keresahan, serta kegundahan saya dalam bentuk lisan. I like to bottle things up sometimes, and let it out in forms of random poetries and such. Terkadang jauh lebih mudah bagi saya untuk berekspresi lewat tulisan daripada lisan. Makanya saya terkadang bisa autis kalau sudah di depan komputer dan mengetik. Itu pula sebabnya saya tidak keberatan sama sekali menghabiskan waktu berjam-jam di coffee shop sendirian (seperti yang sedang saya lakukan sekarang). Karena layar komputer atau lembaran kertas tidak punya ekspresi dan tidak akan bersikap menghakimi, no matter what I say. Jeleknya adalah, sikap diam dan menjaga jarak ini terkadang membuat saya terlihat sombong karena seperti enggan berinteraksi dengan sesama manusia.

10. Saya ini bukan orang yang kreatif, walaupun saya bekerja di bidang yang menuntut kreativitas tinggi. Yah begitulah menurut saya. Sampai saat ini saya belum merasa sudah mengerjakan sesuatu yang benar-benar bagus, terutama kalau dibandingkan dengan hasil pekerjaan kolega-kolega saya yang luar biasa. Sebenarnya hal ini sudah saya rasakan sejak jaman saya masih kuliah di DKV. Meskipun saya lulus dengan nilai yang cukup tinggi, tetap saja saya merasa sisi kreatif saya masih kalah jika dibandingkan dengan sisi rasional saya. Saya lebih jago menulis daripada menggambar. Saya suka iri dengan orang-orang yang bisa menuangkan imajinasinya dari otak ke media lain dengan mudahnya. Sedangkan saya, biarpun kadang saya punya banyak sekali imajinasi di otak saya, sulit sekali bisa merealisasikannya dengan tepat sesuai dengan gambaran yang ada di otak saya. Biasanya pasti ada yang kurang atau tidak sesuai. Mungkin itu juga disebabkan keterbatasan kemampuan saya dalam menggunakan atau mengeksplorasi berbagai medium berkreasi. Menyebalkan memang.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Birthday Wishlist: I Want to...

Since I didn't make any birthday wish (nor did I blow any candles or cut any cake), I decided to make a birthday wish list now, in the midst of my deadline (hey, I told you, I am a lazy bum and procrastinator).

My (2008) birthday wish list.

I want to (one day):

1. See the aurora borealis in Alaska

2. Run on the Lavender fields in Provence

3. Lie under a sky covered with stars (like below)

4. Eat berries in abundance every summer

5. Watch a perfectly shaped rainbow

6. Experience the four seasons

7. Walk under the blossoming cherry trees in Japan

8. Drink mimosa for brunch every Sunday on the patio

But most of all, I want to:

9. Do and experience them all with you.

Monday, September 1, 2008

1 September 2008

When the clock strikes at 12 midnight, no fairy godmother came to me.

I am still who I am, of course. I felt indifferent. I should be over the so-called quarter life crisis.

But still, for a fracture of a second, it dawned on me..
Damn. I'm no longer 25.

Boohoo... ;P

Thanks for the messages and the wishes, friends. Appreciate them a lot. =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's my second day back on my seat, in the office, and I'm still feeling a bit worn out and beaten from last week's fashion week mambo jambo. And getting my period just at the start of this week didn't help me get right back on track either (I went back early from work yesterday to lay down and rest, and ended up doing a DVD marathon until midnight).

To think that this week we'll start running for our October issue, which should be wrapped a week earlier than usual due to Hari Raya holiday schedule. Seems like there'll be no time to slow down this coming few weeks.

But still..

All I want to do now (and doing, actually) is just browsing the net, checking facebook and such. Clicking from one site to another in search of interesting and/or mind-boggling news, like the ones below:

Japanese Design's Greatest Hits
Twelve of Japan's phenomenally successfully designs since the 1950s. I feel like doing a Hayao Miyazaki DVD marathon now. And now I'm playing Super Mario Bros's theme song in my head.

Vogue's cover archive
Featuring the first ever Vogue magazine (September 1916) with illustration by Helen Thurlow. Check out their 90th anniversary cover too.

Style on the Street
The Jakarta Post's take on uber cool street style blog of Scott Schuman, I was first introduced to the blog by fellow multiplier, Nirmala, a few months back when she posted a picture of this ultra cool Yale dude who soon became the object of our affection (and drooling) -- and of many other women (and men) around the world, I assume.

Making an Arguement for Misspelling
A growing band of scholars in America is thinking of allowing more variations in spelling. I personally don't really agree. Though I know that spelling could sometimes be tough, but (quoting the article) I don't think that the language should be changed to accommodate those who don't pay attention or don't care about it (spelling).
By the way, which one is correct, eventhough or even though? I always thought it was the first (as the way I read it in most books or magazines), but spell-checkers have proven me wrong. Anyone in favor of enlightening me? Thank you.

Inside Soho's Artisanal-Ice-Cream Truck
A cute nerdy guy with a brain on food and business. Enough said.

Beijing Opens the 2008 Olympics

I missed the spectacular opening (which was aired on TVRI here). And finding footage videos of it on the internet is like finding a needle in a stack of hay. Darn it. Thanks to The Great (Fire)Wall of China. If only I knew earlier that Zhang Yimou was behind the show, I would've stayed put in front of the TV that night. Sniff.. This photo footage from Time could give me a slight idea of what it was like.

Apothéke Will Bring Opium Back to Chinatown

A soon-to-be opened and supposedly very stylish and hip cocktail bar in New York has a list of very (and I mean very) interesting cocktails inspired by Chinese traditional herbal medicine. It'll probably be the new Asian-inspired trend after the sake inspired cocktails a few years back.

Silver Spoon
Samuel Mulia's piece-of-mind on Indonesia's brand-conscious rich spoilt children. Which then reminded me of a note written by a friend of mine, who just became a daddy recently and was a bit baffled by how expensive babies clothing and stuffs are nowadays, even though daddy groovy owns a handful of ultra expensive watches.

Now if only I'm not doing this in the office but in Casa or Bakoel Koffie instead, with some warm bagels (or pretzels from Vineth bakery) and good cup of coffee on the side, life today would be blissful. But then again, I've to go back to reality (and my waiting-to-be-touched work) in.. uhm.. let me check.. a few minutes. Bah.

So how's your day?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

[Coelho's] Why Women Believe That We Love Them

This is the reply to Why We Love Men.

Frankly, I couldn't agree with most. This piece didn't make me smile like when I read the previous one about men (except for that last line from Paulo). Is it because I'm not that womanly? Hahahah...

But anyway, I've highlighted a few points that I could quite relate to as a woman (but only personally).

What do you think, people? Which ones could you relate to the most? Would love to hear some thoughts from both men and women. =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Beauty in Alcohol..

If you see these photomicrography (photography with a microscope) images below, you'll understand why alcohol could make you feel 'dreamy' -- in moderation, of course. They're stunningly beautiful (look a bit psychedelic), don't you think?

Cosmopolitan Martini
One of my favorite drink. The colors and pattern look a bit like the view of a city from above. Or is it just my imagination? 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Tokyo to Tehran: Oshin in Persepolis

I learned, out of reading Persepolis, that the famous Japanese dorama Oshin was aired at the Iranian TV station too during the 80's.

I was so surprised, I found it to be funny and a bit shocking. Who would've thought that Iranians would watch Japanese dramas? And liking it too!

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, Oshin's original occupation as a geisha must be altered. As we all know, Iran is a rather strict Muslim country which abides to military and syari'ah laws. And so they changed her occupation to.. surprise surprise.. a hairdresser!

At first, young Marjane found it a bit weird that in the movie, Oshin's boyfriend's mom disliked her because she was a hairdresser. But after she found out about the geisha fact, she understood that it was rather believable because geisha's spent most of their times making chignons.

After browsing for some small research, I found out a bit more about Oshin in the Middle East and beyond. Apparently, Oshin is loved all over the world and left some strong cultural impacts, especially in developing countries, because she is seen as a figure of perseverance.

An Iranian woman was once asked by a radio reporter, "Who is your symbol of Islamic womanhood?" "Oshin," she answered. It was a reply that so shocked Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini that he ordered the arrest of four people from the TV station that broadcast the program.

Currently, The Japan Foundation, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Japan and the state-run television station of Egypt, will provide this NHK TV's legendary serial with subtitles in Arabic, to the Iraqi Media Network (IMN), free of charge, as a part of the reconstruction assistance to Iraq.

Broadcasting of such a program would deepen the understanding of Japanese culture by the people of Iraq. It is also expected that the people of Iraq, who are working for the post-war reconstruction of their country, will be encouraged by watching the life of a Japanese woman living through a turbulent period and overcoming various challenges.

This girl Oshin is pretty amazing, huh?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sound of Silence

It is the silence between us.
Bridged by invisible chords.
It is the space between.
Linked by unspoken words.

The sound of silence.
So loud it is deafening.
And Inside that stillness.
Lies true understanding.

Sometimes silence held more words. More than one could ever say..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

[Coelho's] Why We Love Men

I was at the height of my insecurities today. Restless and beaten, I was thinking of drawing back into my safe solitary confinement. And then, just like a sign, one particular email landed in my inbox.

When I opened it, I was surprised to see the title, and even more when I read it 'til the end. Faith and hope were renewed -- sort of.

I smiled when I read it all the way (I've seen, feel, and experienced some of the points written). In the end, I nearly cried. So sweet.

ps: I've highlighted a few points. These points are the ones that I could really relate to. =)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's True, So True

It's true, so true.
You make me smile and laugh.
When the times are blue.

Well yes, oh yes.
You make me feel a million.
Even though I'm such a mess.

But dear, my dear.
You could also make me run.
Out of insecurities and fear.

So now, please know.
Don't put the clouds over me.
And chase away all my glow.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pardon My Sobbing, I'm in A Psychotic Mood Shift

A friend of mine forwarded this email today:

The  Hormone Guide 
Women will understand this! Men should memorize it!

Every woman knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his hands! This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, co-worker or significant other!





What's for

Can I help you
with dinner?

Where would you like
to go for dinner?

Here, have some wine.

Are you
wearing that?

Wow, you sure
look good in brown!

WOW! Look at  you!

Here, have some wine

What are you
so worked up about?

Could we be

Here's my paycheck.

Here, have some wine.

Should you be
eating that?

You know, there are
a lot of apples left.

Can I get you a piece
of chocolate with that?

Here, have some wine.

What did you
DO all day?

I hope you didn't
over-do it today.

I've always loved you
in that robe!

Here, have some