Friday, May 13, 2016


Friday the 13th 2016
Up in the air, NY-Dubai, Emirates

Re-watched Steve Jobs [the movie] again because I didn't catch the ending during Dubai-NY flight last week. Danny Boyle did a great job with the movie, and Fassbender is amazing as always (gawd, I love him). I like Jobs but I'm not his die hard fan or lover. I use macbook and now I use iPhone but well, I was never much of a tech junkie nor an applehead. He's a genius, yeah, but I never really dug into his biography or personal life news. 

The film explored this side a lot, especially about his strained relationship with his daughter. It showed this side of him which is far from perfect. He was quite a dick if you will; although I think his daughter's mom is such a shallow drama queen, I'm not surprised she was treated with such manner by Jobs. Anyway, as the movie moved towards its ending, I cried; when he tried, in his socially awkward way, to fix his relationship with his daughter. 

I have always been quite emotional and I got carried away quite easily with films and/or songs (I cried in some concerts). But I guess this one hit me right on my chest because in a way, I was reminded of my own strained relationship with my dad. 

He was quite a dick, to my mom and to his daughters. I grew up hating him, and then ignoring him. Until he passed away last year, we never really fixed things. Watching Jobs [Fassbender], I wondered if my dad had tried, but that I was too apathetic to accept his truce. 

It made me realize  that I am still resentful, and that I haven't really made peace with him or with myself. It made me realize that I missed a father figure, someone that I can be proud of. It made me realize that I envy those who has a strong and loving father figures, because I never felt that as a child.

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